We believe that our company has a responsibility towards the environment and society in which we operate. Diasqua is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. This strengthens our commitment to promoting and implementing ethical business practices that sustain the highest standards of business operation, environment and social welfare.

Our business responsibility entail that we maintain a highly professional and ethical working environment. We constantly undertake measures to improve our business practices, while ensuring that our core values and customer satisfaction are not compromised.

We believe in maintaining high social standards and protecting the rights of our employeesby providing them safe and comfortable working environment. We ensure both professional and personal development of our employees and continually look for ways to give our employees the best platform togrow.

Being an international company with a global reach, we believe it is our responsibility to add value to the community around us. This could be directly from our business activities, or charitable and societal initiatives undertaken by us.

We believe in promoting environmental sustainability through efficiency in operation and by engaging in recycling initiatives. We make continuous efforts to reduce carbon footprint and ensure to prevent any impact on the environment.