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Polished diamonds

Diasqua has built a reputation of esteemed enterprising market-maker in the polished diamond industry. Dealing in an extensive range of polished diamonds, the company caters toa large number of clients ranging from large retailers to smaller, boutique jewelers. Leveraging on our comprehensive inventory and efficient supply chain system, we meet our customer’s requirements in a timely manner to the highest quality standards. We deal in a variety of shapes includingrounds, princess cuts, marquise, pear, oval, cushion, and other special fancy cuts. Further, the range of rounds also includes single cuts, stars, full cuts and melee.

Size : 0.005 to 10.00 carats

Colour : D to M colour to capes and browns

Clarity : FL to I3

Certification : 0.29 carats and up from GIA, HRD and IGI

Diasqua has been for years consistently fulfilling the requirements of various clients. At Diasqua we understand that every client has different requirements. Hence,wecustomize andoffer tailored services to meet any specific needs.

Polished Services

In addition to supplying high-value polished diamonds, we offer a range of other services to cater to your business needs. These include:

Rough diamonds

Diasqua buys a wide range of rough diamonds of all qualities and sizes from both the open-market and mining companies. The procurement of rough diamonds is carried out through our entities in Belgium, UAE and India. We sell a variety of sorted rough diamonds through our business entities in India, Belgium, UAE and Hong Kong. Our company attains the highest ethical standards, especially when it comes to rough diamonds. We source our products from reputable companies and mines that adhere to strict guidelines on ethical roughprocurement, and ensure to carry out all due diligence to fulfill our responsibilities. Diasqua group has for years been committed to offering high value diamonds and quality diamond services. Our effort towards improving our quality of products and services has helped us establish the trust of our clients and to be a valued international diamond supplier.


Rooted from the core of Diasqua group, Diafuego was founded in Antwerp, Belgium in 2003 to meet the raising demands of newly created and exclusively designed polished diamonds for jewelry and any other functions of diamonds. The great new ideas and approach from Diafuego has inspired the main company to diverse their products and these ideas fit perfectly with the demands from the loyal clients of Diasqua’s diamonds and other precious stones.

As the master designer for jewelry, Diasqua has a lot of jewelers who have created so many varieties of jewelries which are stunning, elegant and charming. The material for their jewelry collections is dominated by first class works with precious stones as the decorations. Yet, the brand of Diasqua is not only for charming and pretty jewelries, but it is more on the fashion and style as well as lifestyle conscious for the wearers. As the master designer for jewelry,

Diasqua is one-stop destination for all your diamond requirements